Blog #23 – Day nine!


Today we had to check out and the day before we packed our stuff in the bags and suitcase. Tonight at 20:56 PM we were  going to the airport. The first flight took one hour and then we had a stop in Atlanta. After we had diner at the AirPort we got to the gate. A few hours later we had our second flight of eight hours. The second flight was not very long for me because I slept mist of the time.

At 12:30 AM we arrived at the AirPort in Schiphol Amsterdam.


This is our last day in Orlando. I am going to miss waking up here. We went to a local market really close to our Hotel.

When we were almost ready to go when I found out I lost my wallet. I checked everywhere but could not find it. A women was sitting on a chair were I was sitting before. I asked her if she found it but she said no really quick. After I looked two more times I asked for the camera footage and the woman who did not see it found it out of the blue.

We got to the airport and boarded our first flight. This was for only one hour. We had a small delay so we had to rush to our flight home. Eventually we made it but we had to leave a few people in Atlanta because they were sick. I slept for 5 hours of the 7,5 hour flight, so the flight home was done very quickly!


Sunday was our last day. We went to a market where we could walk through, and I bought a bandana personalised for one of my dogs. After that we had ‘free’ time to do whatever we wanted. Then around 3 we grabbed our suitcases and got to the airport. We took the flight to Atlanta and then unfortunately for me and 2 other students, we weren’t allowed to fly because we got sick, so we stayed a night in Atlanta. The next day we took the flight, luckily. 


Today we went back to the Netherlands and had to take a PCR test at the airport. When we got back at the hotel we just went to chill at the hotel or we got to take a walk around Lake Eola before we went to the airport and had to take off. I slept most of the flight.

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