The Global Goals, What are they??

The Global Goals are an initiative of the world leaders to make a better world by 2030. There are 17 goals that make up the Global Goals, they differ from ending poverty to more prosperity and wealth, from Climate action to Industry and innovation. Think of this as the world’s ‘to do list’.

The Global Goals Program is now 5 years active, but to achieve all of these ambitions a lot of things need to be done, and a lot more help is needed. Everyone is able to support and help achieve the goals, even in the smallest ways.

Our Global Goal group for the Honors project is founded to bring these innitatives on the table. We come up with solutions what we can do on small and big scale to compensate for our ecological footprint and what we can contribute for a better world.

You want to know more about this? Are you just as motivated and excited about these goals as we are? Be sure to check the Honors Program website and keep up to date with the research and innitatives of our group. Let’s get the world’s ‘to do list’ DONE!

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