Interview with Rob de Vrind

To stay in line with the Global Goals, our group wanted to have an interview with someone close to the subject at our school. We had chosen the Sustainabilitycoordinator, Rob de Vrind . The Sustainability-coordinator oversees the projects considering sustainability at our school and makes eco-friendly proposals and ideas with some colleague’s. Someone fitting for the Global Goals.

Now, what exactly are the Global Goals that we have mentioned a few times now. The Global Goals are basically an initiative, agreed upon by all the countries in the world, to make the planet a little bit better. These goals differ from Quality education and Zero hunger, to Economic growth and Worldwide peace and justice. With some of these goals being Affordable and clean energy, Climate action and sustainable cities and communities, Rob de Vrind is the ideal person to talk to when it comes to the sustainable future of our school.

Toby and Jules had an appointment set on the 16th of November for an interview with Rob de Vrind. The questions that were prepared were about the sustainability of our school and what part Rob would play in it. We were motivated and excited to say the least, and looked forward to Rob’s answers. Rob was equally excited and wanted to share his expertise with us.

Rob tells that he had attended various projects during his time as Sustainabilitycoordinator. For example, he helped a neighbourhood that needed to get rid of gas as a energy source, another project was developed by his students and him, trash cans that lit up and give a compliment as soon as you dispose your trash in it. Rob makes sure he documents everything and posts this at the Sustainable contest, with no copyright attached. “I want all of the Netherlands to profit from the things that I make, it is about getting further together.” Rob quotes.

Rob wants to introduce a green office at our school, were the Global Goals are discussed, thought and encouraged. He wants to involve the students as much as possible in this and encourage them to take part in the Global Goals. This can happen in small steps, swings for example who produce energy and light up when you use them, with the Global Goals being lit up that are attached to them. Make the students aware of these goals, “It not a necessity that information is being passed down, but that the right questions are asked.” Rob quotes, considering the Global Goals.

Toby and Jules only had 45 minutes to take the interview, but it was a great success with interesting results. We figured that when working with the Global Goals, it is good to know how a Dutch school is treating the subject. So we have a solid perspective when comparing this to the United States.

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